Are You Naturally Reserved? Here’s How To Hail A Taxi Without Making A Scene

It might seem impossible to hail a taxi if you are naturally reserved. While other people enjoy whistling and barking like a lunatic, that method of calling a cab doesn’t appeal to you. So, what can you do to get the driver’s attention? Here are a few suggestions that won’t leave you jumping up and down, out of breath, and slightly embarrassed.

There’s an App for That

Believe it or not, there are a few phone apps available that will help you hail a taxi. They are especially useful if you regularly need assistance because you have to purchase the app. Both passengers and drivers can benefit from this app. Here’s how:

  • Passengers – The passenger – you – use the app to signal your location to taxi drivers. You get a notification when a taxi is on its way to pick you up. You don’t have to wait long for the taxi. And when the taxi nears, you don’t have to exert yourself to catch the driver’s notice, either.
  • Drivers – Taxi drivers who use the app receive notifications when someone is in need of a ride. They then choose whether or not to accept the request. If accepted, a notification is sent to the passenger. Drivers get the benefit of work, even during slow times of the day.

Only Hail an Empty Taxi Cab

Silly as this bit of advice may seem, a major reason for unsuccessful hailing is that people don’t know when a cab is occupied or not. There are two main ways drivers indicate whether or not they are taking passengers. They are:

  • Flags at Daytime – A flag during the day means the taxi cab is empty. If the flag is down, don’t bother trying to stop the vehicle.
  • Lights at Night – If the light on top of a cab is turned on, it means the driver is seeking passengers. When the light is off, the taxi is already full.

Show Taxi Drivers That You are Ready to Pay

A simple gesture such as pulling out your wallet goes a long way. This indicates that you are ready and able to pay for taxi services. When dealing with money, keep this in mind:

  • Cash – Holding dollar bills in your hand is an effective way to catch a driver’s attention. You don’t need to pull out big bills, though. You don’t want to risk catching everyone’s attention!
  • Card – You can pay for your taxi ride with a debit or credit card. Having cash isn’t required.

Be Bold Enough to Step off the Curb

You don’t have to go far into the road, but stepping off the curb indicates your eagerness for a cab. The difference between a few steps is the difference between blending in or standing out:

  • Blend In – You will go unnoticed if you casually remain on the sidewalk.
  • Stand Out – Stepping toward the vehicle is an assertive way to catch a driver’s attention.

Show Confidence

You might feel awkward making excessive gestures. Just remember, you can make confident gestures without seeming obnoxious. Making eye contact with the driver is a simple way to show confidence. Try assertive alternatives to these other actions:

  • Flailing Arms – Instead of flailing your arms and jumping around, try boldly stepping off the curb with your arm thrust out. This won’t call unwanted attention to you. However, you will still catch the notice of a taxi driver.
  • Whistling – You don’t have to whistle, bark, scream or shout if you time your call just right. One word should suffice. As you step toward a vehicle, making eye contact when possible, call out, “Taxi!” That should be enough to get you a ride.

Look for Designated Taxi Stands

Most cities have designated areas for empty taxis to pick up passengers. When possible, locate them in advance. Plan on arriving in time to find a cab and get to your destination. Popular areas with taxi stands include:

  • Airports – Most airports have designated areas for travelers to easily find a taxi.
  • Hotels – Hotels that don’t offer shuttles often set aside an area to serve as a taxi stand.

If you are naturally reserved, there are still a variety of ways to get a taxi cab without stepping out of your comfort zone. Try one or all of these methods next time you are in need of taxi services from a company such as Yellow Cab.

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