Animated Voicemails And Other New And Upcoming Advances In Voicemail Services

Voicemail answering services can make your small home office look like a large operation, they can help you keep in touch with clients as you travel, and they can help keep your office organized. To improve these functions, developers are constantly working on new ways to improve business answering services. Here is a look at four of the advancements that have recently been released or that are about to hit the market:

Voicemail-to-Text Services

As a busy professional, you don’t always have the time to dial into your voicemail and listen to your messages, and in some cases, picking up your smartphone to check your auditory messages could even be considered rude. Luckily, a new voicemail-to-text service means that you can get your voicemails while just discretely glancing at your phone.

With this service, you don’t even have to call into an answering service to check your messages. Instead, your messages are dispatched straight to your phone. If you want to hear the messages later to pick up on nuance and tone, you can dial into your voicemail service and listen when you have extra time.

Visual Voicemail Services

Visual voicemails were originally rolled out for personal use, but they have creative business applications as well. To use visual voicemail, you record your message as normal using your voicemail service. Then, you choose a cartoon character and a background theme, and you send the message to the desired recipient. When they receive the message, it shows up like a tiny talking cartoon on their screen.

Businesses can use visual voicemails for marketing messages, announcements, or anytime they want to reach clients about something new and exciting. Visual messaging is still in its infancy stages, but eventually, it may be possible to integrate brands or logos into the visual message.

Industry-Specific Developments

Leaders in the business phone industry understand that different industries have different needs for their phone services, and to that end, answering service providers are constantly working on industry-specific applications and solutions.

Eager to design services that appealed to lawyers, one phone company engineered the following applications:

  • On-demand recording features to make note taking and call recording easier
  • Call-forwarding capabilities that allow lawyers to answer or make calls from their cell phones without giving out or revealing their personal phone numbers
  • Voicemail to email services that allow lawyers to read messages without stopping to take the call
  • Call-logging features that make it easy to bill clients for hours

Regardless of which industry you are in, you should be able to find an answering service that meets the specific needs of your industry. Talk with a sales rep about your specific needs so that he or she can give you advice on which services can meet those needs and improve your business.

Overseas Call and Message Forwarding

If you use a voice over internet provider (VoIP) for your business phone system, you can easily forward your business calls to anywhere in the world. With overseas call and message forwarding, your clients simply call your regular business number, and the call is instantly forwarded to wherever you are, as long as you have cell phone service. This service means that you never have to miss an urgent message, and it allows you to travel for business or pleasure while still keeping in touch with your clients. 

Unfortunately, overseas forwarding is not yet a standard function of all business phone services. If you travel a lot, talk with the sales rep about whether or not overseas forwarding is possible with that service provider, and find out if the charges are per call, per minute, or determined in another way.

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