About Directory MIS

There are many organizations and companies that help businesses better maintain a positive reputation not only among local customers but also online. Many people looking for services or products will often research various companies and businesses before calling them. One such organization that helps businesses is the Better Business Bureau, or the BBB.

The BBB is one of the oldest company directories around. Established in 1912, it continues to help companies by giving ratings based on a number of factors, while also helping customers and businesses reconcile complaints.

Directory MIS is your website to better understand the BBB. Gain a knowledge about the history and mission behind the BBB. See how businesses can register, rate, and help customers through the BBB. Finally, see how businesses can improve their presence on the BBB website with a variety of tools the BBB offers.

If you really want to help your business get a reputation for good customer service and superior products, join the BBB. The BBB can help you understand what you need to do better and can help you reach your customers faster and easier. It is a bad idea to ignore or downplay the BBB–your company’s future might depend upon it.