Better Your Business with the BBB

If you want to improve your chances at expanding your customer base, and their satisfaction levels, consider utilizing services offered by the Better Business Bureau, or BBB. Many customers trust the BBB to supply fair company ratings and resolve lengthy complaints. If you want customers to learn to trust your business when buying important products or services, you will need to maintain a high rating with this agency.
Having high ratings and good complaint resolution scores encourages customers to pick your company over the competition. Letting these numbers fall may result in a loss of current customers and slowdown in new customer acquisition. Your efforts may fall short until you assess and improve your rating with this agency.
Working closely with the BBB can result in the following benefits:

  • Improved Ratings: BBB workers can give you an idea about how to increase ratings over time. Most of these ideas include better complaint resolution, improved product designs or services, and continued operation with the correct license, bond, and insurance. If you continually improve your practices, you should see your rating climb up the ranks.
  • Better Complaint Resolution: As you work with the BBB, it should continue to get easier to resolve complaints in a timely manner. Most of your customers will list their grievances with this agency and then await an answer about the listed issues. You may receive mediation suggestions from the BBB during the complaint resolution process.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: As you address customer complaints, satisfaction levels with your company may increase. You can repair customer relations by resolving dilemmas in a timely manner. Resolved complaints give customers confidence in your ability to identify and fix problems without further issues.
  • Customer Retention and Acquisition: If past and prospective customers see that complaints were resolved quickly, trust levels will repeatedly attract them back to your products and services. In addition, a high rating with the BBB encourages customers to give your company a chance instead of choosing the competition.

If you want to develop a close relationship with the Better Business Bureau, consider signing up for a membership or accreditation. However, simply participating in the standard complaint resolution and rating system is usually enough to entice customers your way. Since people trust information provided by the BBB, it is important to participate in their system as much as possible.