Learning About How the Better Business Bureau Works

If you want to keep your business running well into the future, you must focus on maintaining customer relations. Extreme customer dissatisfaction can tear down a company from the top down. It may be difficult to receive and resolve complaints in a timely manner without a bit of assistance. The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, resolves complaints and maintains company ratings to assist business owners and their clients.
If you want past and current customers to know how your company ranks alongside the competition, you may sign up with the BBB. The Better Business Bureau allows you to apply for membership to obtain the highest level of support offered by this entity. However, if your company does not have BBB membership rights, it may still receive a rating and complaint resolution assistance.
How Are Businesses Added?
BBB workers scan the web and local listings for new companies that pop up from time to time. The company information may be added to the listings soon after it is discovered. You may be contacted by BBB workers, so they can obtain more information about your business. You may need to provide contact information, company history, and product or service specifications at that time.
If your company has been in operation for more than a year, you may receive an invitation to join the accredited business section. Membership in this section is only granted if your company maintained a good track record with customers over the years. You must hold the right licenses, bonds, and insurance for your company type before becoming accredited with the BBB.
How Are Ratings Assigned?
BBB workers use a standard rating system to assess each company in their system. This ensures all companies receive comparable ratings to help customers compare each business to the next. The ratings are assigned according to your company’s past complaints, operation history, resolution efforts, and business type. Taking all complaints and resolution attempts seriously protects your rating with the BBB over the years.
How Are Complaints Resolved?
If your company receives a complaint through the BBB, it must be resolved in a timely manner to avoid rating reductions. The BBB gives your company a specific amount of time to respond to the customer’s initial complaint and further correspondence attempts. Mediation settlements and other resolution efforts may help you come to an agreement with unhappy clients.