Chinese hamster sex chromosome in Fort Worth

Genome Res. Physical mapping using FISH FISH has been an important tool in physical genome mapping, for example, to anchor genetic linkage groups to particular chromosomes, establish order and orientation of contigs during the construction of physical map, and estimate the size of contig gaps Szinay et al.

With some rare exceptions Crosland and Croziernuclear genomes of animals and plants are made not of a single but several molecules of DNA, each of them forming a highly organized structure called chromosome. A targeted alternative has been the development of markers from short-insert chromosome-specific DNA libraries Arumuganathan et al.

Am J Hum Genet.

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Chinese hamster sex chromosome in Fort Worth вас

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Plant Sci. The sample suspension of intact chromosomes is stained by a DNA-specific dye and introduced to a flow chamber from which a narrow stream of liquid emerges and carries the chromosomes. Fractionation of chromosome 15 with an affinity-based approach using magnetic beads. Similar arrays are becoming commercially available for some animals.

DNA markers were also developed from clones from chromosome-specific DNA libraries with large inserts after sequencing their ends Paux et al.

Chinese hamster sex chromosome in Fort Worth

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