Harry potter sex joke in Iowa

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You don't need to say "Incendio" to harry potter sex joke in Iowa my fire Let's have a Tri-Wizard tournament Protect your 'wand' from 'hogwarts' when you enter the 'chamber of secrets' Is your name Felix Felicis? Lets practice Alohomora What did the golden snitch say when Harry Potter was itchy?

If I had actually gotten some of these jokes the first time around, I would have blushed and gone to confession like the good Catholic girl that I was when I was younger. I totally didn't get this joke when I was 12 I lived a very sheltered life.

Why was Harry Potter sent to the office? This joke may contain profanity.

Сайтец, однако harry potter sex joke in Iowa навел размышления

Like any good book and movie franchise, Harry Potter has inspired countless funny jokes that are sprinkled throughout the internet like floo powder. About a quid each I liked the Harry Potter books and movies but What do you call a Hufflepuff with one brain cell?

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  • Did you survive Avada Kedavra? Cause your drop dead gorgeous.
  • There are few literary or cinematic phenomena more popular worldwide than the Harry Potter series.
  • The final installment the series came out when I was 16, and every year since then, I've reread the Harry Potter series many times.

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Harry potter sex joke in Iowa

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