Moon jelly sex differentiation in Los Angeles

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CamaraDavid C. The rhopalia are outlined in white. Marques, A. Our annotation pipeline resulted in 29, gene models. Greenspan Authors David A.

This finding adds to a growing body of evidence that the evolution of the medusa life stage required the co-option of previously existing developmental gene networks and cell types. Enter your email address. S9 Fig.

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Technau, U. Photo- and mechano-sensory stimuli perceived at rhopalia are thought to be communicated through the rhopalial nervous system to the pacemaker neurons located in the basal segment of each rhopalium; the pacemaker neurons then effect stimulus-dependent locomotory responses e.

This suggested deep homology of eye development across the Bilateria. An inset is the section at the plane of the developing photosensory domain boxedshowing little AurOptix expression. The first interpretation is that medusozoans evolved a complex life cycle primarily by redeploying genetic and developmental pathways present in the planulozoan last common ancestor.

Additional biological replicates were sequenced using nucleotide single-end reads.

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  • The moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita is a common jelly that is easily recognized by its four horseshoe-shaped gonads , which are visible through the top of its translucent bell. The species gets its common name for the way its pale bell resembles a full moon.
  • In a fish-eat-fish ocean filled with sharks and other fierce swimmers, how has the delicate jellyfish survived — and thrived — through hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary culling?
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The black line indicates the sites that correspond to the paired domain PD , and the blue line indicates the sites that correspond to the homeodomain HD for boxed sequences. USA , — Invertebr Biol — The genome of the jellyfish Clytia hemisphaerica and the evolution of the cnidarian life-cycle.

Moon jelly sex differentiation in Los Angeles

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