Pro abstinence sex education in Arkansas

One group based in Hot Springs began its advocacy work in April when founders saw a community-based report detailing problems with youths, particularly teen pregnancy. The main takeaway: Federal funding for neither program impacted teen birth rates overall. KATV, October 11, In3, Arkansas teens became mothers, or 38 out of every 1, teenagers.

An administrator told Courtney that it's difficult getting educators to actually teach sex education, even though the topic is pro abstinence sex education in Arkansas by the Education Department. Just flood the TV and internet with sex, sexy clothes, "true romance", easy prophylaxis and other cheap things that cheapen sex.

Newsom said that since attending the Health Department seminar, he now tries to expand what he teaches, beyond the pro abstinence sex education in Arkansas program that Mountain Home School District reported in its survey response, to include discussion of contraceptives. Fayetteville hires a Christian company to teach their high school sex ed.

The two are now engaged and plan to get married on a Florida beach during a family vacation. Yet there are those who want stupidity of unworkable principal to be the way even though many girls will suffer.

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American Journal of Public Health Only one state that does not mandate sex education or HIV education appears in the listing of states with the lowest teenage birth rates: Massachusetts ranked at number 2. Arkansas also has seen a declining trend in teen births, but the state's rate of teen pregnancies remains much higher than the national rate.

  • Rector supports this claim by stating that the abstinence-only method helps prevent out-of-wedlock pregnancy, reduces sexually transmitted diseases, and improves the overall wellbeing of young people both physically and emotionally. Rector is writing to those who oppose abstinence-only and presenting them an alternative argument to possibly alter their opinion.
  • The United States is a world leader when it comes to teenage pregnancy rates. Although the actual numbers of teens becoming pregnant before their 20th birthday has been cut in half over the last two decades, the overall numbers are still very high.
  • Though the idea of abstinence-only sex education seems outdated, it is actually more popular of a teaching ideology than expected. While only two percent of schools taught abstinence-only in , twenty-three percent of schools taught abstinence in sex education courses in Livni.
  • Whether sex education in schools has more pros or cons is a never ending debate. Let's read arguments for both, pros and cons, in this article and hopefully you'll be able to take a stand.
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  • For more than a decade, the US government has been funding abstinence only education in public schools. Modeled after religious beliefs that encourages teens to wait to become sexually active until marriage, there are certain pros and cons of these programs that must be evaluated to determine how effective they really are.

They need to know the pregnancy rates of every type of contraception, and they need to know about STDs. What we have is Lord of the Flies, except the adults are on the island with the kiddos. All participants received abstinence-based sex education, with the overwhelming majority receiving abstinence-only education.

Students also spit chewed-up Hershey kisses into a cup to show how much saliva is exchanged during a kiss.

Pro abstinence sex education in Arkansas

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  • Arkansas received $, in federal funds for abstinence-only-until-marriage programs in , an increase in funding of over $50, from the year before. If you want your school to offer a comprehensive sex ed, be sure to learn more at SIECUS about Arkansas sex ed . 7/31/ · Abstinence-only education states Arizona. According to the Guttmacher Institute, Arizona does not mandate sex ed or HIV-specific instruction. However, where .
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  • 11, youth were served through the Arkansas Abstinence Education Program during the funding period from October 1, September 30, The Arkansas Abstinence Education Program is a statewide abstinence education program targeting youth years of age. Healthy Connections, Inc. (HCI) received the grant award in July of 9/24/ · Ananda Martin, program director for the Arkansas Abstinence-Only Education Program, is a proponent of beginning children's sex education well before they reach that age.
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  • 1/16/ · Abstinence only education has shown that it can delay sexual activity, but it won’t stop it unless there is a religious disposition to avoid sex. By weighing the pros and cons of this type of education, each community, district, and parent can decide if it is the right education for their students. By Rachel Davies. Christine Kim and Robert Rector’s article, “Evidence on the Effectiveness of Abstinence Education: An Update“(), argue that abstinence-only is the best type of plan to teach sex education and should be refunded by the government as it delays sexual activity, improves emotional well-being, keeps teens STI-free, decreases out -of -wedlock births, and helps create.
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