Safe sex campaign poster in Barry

The central message -- condom use -- is simply highlighted in red. Wondering if Barry is OK for your kids? A video series followed Kendra to share her story and the affects that teen pregnancy had on her everyday life.

safe sex campaign poster in Barry

Best Satire Sites and Shows for Teens. Teens are vulnerable, especially to older men who are willing to promise long-term committed relationships, big houses, or nice cars in exchange for sex. It also directed parents to tips and resources on BabyCanWait.

Ads were placed in local general and business newspapers. Given the main character's occupation, there's violence and a great deal of rough language.

Safe sex campaign poster in Barry

The risk of catching each infection is different, and also varies according to the type of sex you are having such as oral, vaginal or anal sex. Please don't ask again. Sexually Transmitted Infections. So the resources reach as many of the target audience as possible, please do cascade to your local networks, and encourage them to order from the CRC too.

It can also make sexual activity more pleasurable.

After being mistaken for a fellow struggling actor, Barry is befriended by Ryan, his supposed target, and the rest of his actor friends, who all tell him he's a natural. Anonymous Feedback. Parents are directed to TalkToYourTeen. Our ratings are based on child development best practices. To overcome cultural barriers, posters like these frequently avoided explicit reference to sexual taboos such as the use of condoms.

The images of contraceptive lubricant and packaged condoms, along with the dialogue of King Condom, promote safe sex practices and offer condom education information available in state-run health clinics.

Safe sex campaign poster in Barry

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