Same sex marriage australian parliament members in Cambridgeshire

Fuel Taxes There have been votes in Parliament on the rates of taxation applying to fuel for motor vehicles. Gay rights have become less of a partisan issue, with conservatives becoming socially liberal but remaining economically conservative. Photo: Adam Tinworth. When Cherry decided to run as an SNP candidate inbeing openly lesbian did not cause her any concern.

For an explanation of the vote descriptions please see our page about voting information on TheyWorkForYou. Were such a Bill to be given a conscience vote and were it to pass through the Parliament, there would still be the possibility for constitutional challenge.

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Same-sex relationships are being increasingly recognised in this field. Show vote On 17 Jan Steve Barclay voted to authorise spending relating to the Localism Bill, enabling the devolution of more powers to local councils and local people particularly in relation to social housing and planning.

This Site Uses Cookies We may use cookies to record some preference settings and to analyse how you use our web site. Central Government Funding for Local Councils There have been votes in Parliament on the level of funding for local councils.

That English MPs have not been able vote on matters which have been devolved to other parts of the UK, but Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland MPs can vote on those same matters when the UK Parliament is legislating solely for England has been considered by some to be unfair.

Show vote On 4 Jun Steve Barclay voted against allowing financial incentives for small-scale low-carbon generation of electricity to be paid to plants which were previously too big to be eligible.

Same sex marriage australian parliament members in Cambridgeshire

Badger Cull There have been votes in Parliament on if badgers ought be culled in an effort to control bovine tuberculosis. Show vote On 11 Feb Steve Barclay voted against introducing a penalty regime for the general anti-abuse rule and against other measures intended to reduce tax avoidance.

There have been votes in Parliament on the introduction of a new property tax on expensive homes.

Tax Avoidance Parliament has voted on measures, including the introduction of a general anti-abuse rule, aimed at tackling abusive tax avoidance. Show vote On 29 Aug Steve Barclay voted against requiring conditions be fulfilled, including a vote of the UN Security Council before any military action involving UK forces in response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

All votes about measures to prevent climate change : On 5 Feb Steve Barclay was absent for a vote on Transport — Eliminate Substantial Majority of Emissions by Show vote On 24 Oct Steve Barclay voted against a motion calling on the Government "to rebuild the economy so that it works in the interest of the many, not just handing out rewards to those at the top" and bring forward "a green industrial revolution to decarbonise the economy and boost economic growth".

While there are fewer and fewer rights and obligations attached to married couples which do not attach to de facto couples—a status currently encompassing same-sex couples in most legal contexts—supporters of gay rights argue this is not enough, and that the remaining differences are unacceptable.

Support for Those Unable to Afford Council Tax There have been votes in Parliament on the question of localising the systems for helping those in financial need pay council tax by abolishing the council tax benefit and replacing it with local council tax reduction schemes.

Show vote On 15 Feb Steve Barclay voted to create two Parliamentary constituencies wholly on the Isle of Wight rather than just one.

Same sex marriage australian parliament members in Cambridgeshire

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